Hot Cross Buns (Take 2)

Since my last post about Hot Cross Bun's, I've learnt that HCB's originate from St Albans (my neck-of-the-woods) so, I love them even more now. The Alban Bun was the precursor to the HCB and was created by a 14th-century monk, Thomas Rocliffe, at St Alban's Abbey. From 1361, Brother Thomas would hand out the … Continue reading Hot Cross Buns (Take 2)

Cheesy Garlic Pasties

I love hot water crust pastry. It's the most forgiving, malleable and reliable pastry there is. It's the best option for tentative bakers, bored/housebound children and exhausted parents in need of a comforting meal. Homemade pastry is often deemed as a finickity, time-consuming activity for show-offs and many apprehensive cooks may avoid making their own. … Continue reading Cheesy Garlic Pasties