Banana & Apple Loaf

Ok, I caved. I jumped on the lockdown bandwagon and baked some banana bread. I confess to keeping two manky, bruised bananas to one-side until they smelt so pungent that I couldn't keep them away from some sort of cake batter ANY LONGER. I threw in some foamy green apples and squishy blueberries that needed … Continue reading Banana & Apple Loaf

Fruit & Nut Cookies

Ingredients Makes roughly 20 or so cookies. 125g butter (softened) 175g sugar (white or brown) 1 egg 175g flour 1 tsp baking powder 1 tbsp vanilla extract 50g cocoa 50g custard powder (optional - you could add some ground almonds or 25g extra cocoa instead) 100g chocolate (roughly chopped) a handful of dried fruit a … Continue reading Fruit & Nut Cookies