Hot Cross Buns (Take 2)

Since my last post about Hot Cross Bun’s, I’ve learnt that HCB’s originate from St Albans (my neck-of-the-woods) so, I love them even more now. The Alban Bun was the precursor to the HCB and was created by a 14th-century monk, Thomas Rocliffe, at St Alban’s Abbey. From 1361, Brother Thomas would hand out the buns to the poor on Good Friday. What a lovely lad.

I previously posted about HCB’s exactly 2 years ago today but can gladly now say that I’ve managed a near-perfect batch! I used the same recipe from my last post. But, you’ll notice that this batch are much bigger, fluffier and generally a-far-superior-carby-orb.


So, why are they better? Well, I put the buns in the fridge overnight for their second prove. This was essentially just ‘pressing pause’ in the proving process. I then placed the buns on a sunny windowsill for a further hour in the morning before baking. Brushed them generously with milk and popped them in the oven. This made such a difference. The rise was so much better! I clearly hadn’t let the buns prove for long enough last time. And I think the lashings of milk might’ve created some steam to help the buns rise in the oven. Maybe?


How do you like to eat your HCB’s? I like mine toasted and slathered with salted butter or thick slices of mature cheddar. The perfect combination.

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