Makes 12 small buns


500g plain flour

7g sachet of instant yeast

75g dark brown soft sugar

1 beaten egg

6 cardamom pods

75g softened butter

pinch of salt


I ate so many wonderful things in Copenhagen and as you may have read in my previous post, I completely fell in love with the Rugbrød! My boyfriend absolutely loved the Kanelsurrer (Cinnamon swirls) from Meyer bakery. As they were his favourite, I knew I was going to have to try and recreate them once we were back in the UK.

I adapted Claus Meyer’s recipe to suit what I had to hand at the time. Unusually, I didn’t have any caster sugar so used dark brown soft sugar for a rich, caramel flavour. I also upped the cardamom and used instant yeast. Now, I adore cardamom but I know that it’s not to everyone’s taste, so feel free to go easy on it if you wish.


I’m sure you’ll notice that my Kanelsurrer are pretty wonky and irregular… Creating uniform knots with soft buttery dough is no mean feat. I’d recommend practising first. If you’re as incapable of rolling dough into a square as I am then you should have a few strands spare to practice with.


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